Live Longer Feel Better

It all began with a single interview in September, 2014. Trevor King, Sai Kelly and I had gone to Brockport in upstate New York to talk to Andrew Saul, the Megavitamin Man. His advice a few months earlier to Trevor had been life-changing. For the first time Trevor believed he had a real chance of getting out from under the depression that afflicted him all his adult life.

The first conversation with Andrew changed our lives, and led to us to other experts in vitamins, nutrition and orthomolecular medicine on a journey that culminated in That Vitamin Movie. But we’d discovered so much more that we had to keep going.

Our travels have taken us to London, New York, New Jersey, Toronto, Boston, Puerto Rico, Wichita, Dallas, Albuquerque, LA, Seattle, Orlando, Fort Myers, Panama, Nashville, Boulder, Bangalore, San Diego, Tijuana, Costa Rica, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Bratislava, Anaheim, Istanbul.
And I’m sure I’ve missed out a few locations!

So this is the summation of all that we’ve learned in the world of holistic/alternative/natural health. And while there are no guarantees in life, there’s a huge amount of sound material here that will make a difference to your health and longevity if you really want to make a change and commit to a new lifestyle.

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