That Vitamin Movie (2016)

Our initial intention was to do something like a 15 minute interview with Andrew and put it on Youtube. But meeting the Megavitamin Man opened the door to the world of orthomolecular medicine, nutritional medicine.  Andrew directed us towards others in the field and we decided to make a 30-minute film. But the more we learned, the more it grew.  We agreed the information was worth 60 minutes. And eventually came to the conclusion it really needed 90 minutes to do any kind of justice to the subject. We ended up with a score of experts from across the globe, and a film now seen by over a million people. It wasn’t a complete cure for Trevor. He continued to wrestle with depression through the following years. But as we have continued out journey into natural health and made further films, Trevor has finally been able to leave the ‘black dog’ behind. Today he reckons he’s 90 per cent cured.  And all without pharmaceuticals and side effects. Our journey continues and we haven’t finished yet…that meeting changed our lives.

To view the full film visit That Vitamin Movie’s website or That Vitamin Movie on Vimeo.

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Behind the Scenes / On Set Photography